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Cloud Computing

Keep your data on premises

Convenience at the expense of security?  Who has your data?  Where is it physically?  Who has access to it and how do you know it is secure from prying eyes?  Does data you store with companies get sold or traded without your permission?  Are you sure information will not be gleaned from your online backups?  Remember this everytime you drop something into dropbox, or backup something online.  These are issues that businesses should consider before using these convienent, but insecure services instead of more traditional on-site solutions.  Cloud computing is only as safe as the company providing it.

We are Linux friendly

Microsoft has decided to gamble with your time, money and frustration in efforts to increase the value of their operating system. Windows 10 continues to have frequent major updates that leave customers out of operation. While few dispute Windows 10 being the fastest, most technologically advanced OS on the market, is the hindrance worth it?

There are many operating systems that support your computer. You are likely familiar with the most popular operating systems. Desktop/Laptop operating system browsing statistics reveal that Microsoft Windows dominates the personal computer market by an almost 70% margin. MacOS has about 13% of the personal computer market leaving Linux with around 2%.

So what should you choose?

Business Servers

Server Maintenance and Roles

True Computing installs, configures and maintains server roles including but not limited to AD DS, DNS, DHCP, IIS, FTP, Apache, DFS, Network Policy and Access Services (RAS and VPN), terminal services, file services, and Hyper-V.  We can update, patch, and monitor server operating systems to ensure best system performance and health.

Need more space?  We can provide storage solutions to meet your needs.  We support the implementation of storage including racked storage, tape drive storage, network attached storage, and RAID in respect to performance and redundancy.

True Computing can setup and configure backups to meet your needs.  We will utilize industry standard software such as Symantec Backup Exec to give you a turn key backup solution.  Do not wait until you lose data to be prepared.