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True Computing is proud to offer premium technical support at an affordable cost to homes and businesses. We strive to not only support our customers, but offer real world ideas and solutions that will meet our customers growing needs. Please give us a call for estimates or questions regarding any technical issues.







What is the cloud?

Convenience at the expense of security?  Who has your data?  Where is it physically?  Who has access to it and how do you know it is secure from prying eyes?  Does data you store with companies get sold or traded without your permission?  Are you sure information will not be gleaned from your online backups?  Remember this everytime you drop something into dropbox, or backup something online.  These are issues that businesses should consider before using these convienent, but insecure services instead of more traditional on-site solutions.  Cloud computing is only as safe as the company providing it.  

Business IT Support

Free Site Survey

Call us for a free site survey at no cost to your business.  We will give you detailed information on what is working, not working, unsecure or needs to be updated with your computers, servers, and network.  Call us directly or Click Here to schedule your bussiness for a free site survey.

Protect Your Business

A scheduled maintenance agreement allows you, the business owner, to receive monthly service on your computers, servers and network at a reduced cost and increased priority.  We will perform system patches, updates, virus check and removals, analyze error logs, and many more important services.  Your company will benefit from reduced rates, increased system security, performance, and reduced company down time.  We can create a custom scheduled maintenance agreement to meet your needs.  Click Here to learn more about our scheduled maintenance agreement services.