AI is so sophisticated, it writes full papers on subjects without human input.  AI is used to troll people in real time chat.  It’s so realistic you can’t distinguish it from humans.  It might be used on large social networking platform chat-rooms during live video discussions.  They could use it to influence your thoughts by attempting to seem like real humans.  The AI bots could use your meta data collected from a plethora of sites you’ve visited, and might be using it against you.  They know who you are, what you are about (political, friends, beliefs, attractions, biases etc.) and how to use your data to influence what you think and do.  

For years the logic and reasoning of these scripted bots have improved until the point that they are so well written it’s difficult to distinguish them from real people.  You will not know you are talking to a scripted AI robot.  These bots intend to change your thought perceptions about key issues that will help who programmed them to achieve a goal.  Are they rent for hire to the highest bidder?  

This type of influence is real and is happening all around us and hardly anyone knows it happens.  You think you are talking to a random person on your favorite social network but in reality you’re just feeding more information into a database that will later be used against you.  Where you have been browsing, what you have been saying for years.  You are in a table, on a row and column, in a large AI database.  

All of your personal information has been gleaned over time and secretly kept.  For example, you may have looked up something very personal on a web search yesterday such as a doctors appointment, or maybe planning a funeral for a deceased.  The next day, week, or year you go into a forum and when you enter there is a tailored topic created instantly upon website load just for you.  Invisible to others, only you can see it.  You find it a strange coincidence, deciding to check the link out.  After reading a few comments contained in the link you find others talking about the very thing you just had to deal with or will be dealing with soon.  You come to a sudden decision or determination based on what was discussed by random anonymous users that have gone through what you are going through.  Did you just get played by some very clever people using AI to psyop you through fear and emotional manipulation that you aren’t even aware of?  In reality, this was all generated soon as you entered their website and was done just for you.  Other people visiting the forum don't see what you see because they are exposed to their own version of the AI forums topics made just for them.  

This weapon of mass manipulation is intended to control decisions, purchasing habits or maybe to create mental instability in people.  Psyop AI technology could be used by governments or large corporations on people everywhere for mass influence.  Provding your data to the internet is becoming increasingly dangerous and the best defense is to not do it at all.