Columbus Texas Internet Options

Internet Options in Columbus, Texas:

Wired Options Wireless Cellular WISP (Wireless Fixed Internet) Satellite Internet
AT&T Uverse AT&T HSPA+ (4g) & LTE Meridian (Colorado Valley Communications Excede
Time Warner Verizon 4g and LTE Live Air Hughesnet
      Dish Network

Internet Ratings in Columbus, Texas:

Internet Provider True Computing Rating
Time Warner (Wired) 100%
AT&T Uverse (Wired) 90%
AT&T Cellular (hotspot, aircard) 80%
Verizon Cellular (hotspot, aircard) 75%
Meridian (Fixed Wireless LTE 60%
Excede (Satellite) 50%
Hughesnet (Satellite) 50%
Dish Network (Satellite) 35%
Live Air (Fixed Wireless 802.11) 25%

* Internet options on this list cover Columbus, Texas and or surrounding areas.  Ratings were determined by reliability, customer support and coverage.