Ubuntu 20.04 Linux growth has recently felt a surge of new users added to it’s market share. As users discover how big data uses their information, they are looking for more secure ways to get online. In a time where it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to browse the internet, users are trying to find secure and safe ways to protect their identity. While Windows and macOS operating systems encourage users to share and store information freely on clouds (online servers) and collect data from your computer for their personal gain, Linux takes another approach. Security.

When it comes to security and configurability to protect yourself from the dangers of the internet, Linux wins hands down. It can be configured and secured in ways Windows and macOS dream of. Any advanced computer user knows this and likely has a closet Linux romance. Linux doesn’t push things on you. You are the boss, not the servant. There won’t be advertisements popping out at you, or silly new features that seem like a child’s toy. Linux is all business and gives it’s users the work environment they expect.

Ubuntu is by far the most pleasing variant of Linux, but there are many other main stream flavors. For users looking to have a similar feel and smooth transition from Windows 10 to Linux, I would recommend Mint Linux which is a fork of Ubuntu. Mint Linux is polished and has the ability to do everything from the GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is a huge feature. If Windows has left you feeling like you’re playing with a child’s plastic toy, make the jump. Once acclimated, you will have no regrets.