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Backups – What You Need To Know

Backups are extremely important in this digital age.  Backups keep us safe against failing hardware which is more common than most believe.  I see new and old hard drives go bad on a weekly basis and unless you want to spend a fortune, once drives go they are gone for good.  Fortunately there is a lot you can do to protect yourself from losing all your personal or company data that you have worked so hard to create.  read more

Does Your Business Need a CMS Based Website?

How do you get a search engine to send people to your website?  Search engines have algorithms that index your website and then decide where to position it by importance compared to other websites that are similar in nature to it.  How do I make my website more important you ask?  There are a lot of answers to this question but for most the answers are generally the same.  Use code in your website that is up to date by industry standards (a popular and updated CMS).  Offer newly created original content all of the time.  read more

Internet Connections In Rural Areas - The Low Down

In large cities internet connections are a dime a dozen.  Almost all offered connections are acceptable by todays high speed standards.  Rural America has fewer options for internet connections.  Most rural areas only have a few choices usually involving dialup internet, WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), satellite internet, and cellular internet.  By understanding a few concepts you will be able to make an informed decision on what your best option is in your rural area.  read more

Windows 8, Consumer Tragedy, IT Nightmare

I have read many negative Windows 8 articles focusing on poorly implemented user interfaces, or removed start menus. It seems that a lot of people dislike Windows 8, but I have a feeling this trend is for the most part based on peoples dislike of change. Before we jump into what is actually wrong with Windows 8, I just wanted to point out that I have not read one article that actually touches on real problems outside of menu inconveniences, system stability, program compatibility, or hardware compatibility. Running a information technology company that focuses on repair and implementation of small to large networks forces me to deal with all of Windows 8's short comings.  read more