Keeping a safe environment at work or peace of mind at home is easily accomplished using CCTV (closed circuit television) security cameras.  NVRs (network video recorders) and IP cameras make creating a professional surveillance system more affordable and easier to customize to your individual needs.  We have extensive experience using advanced wired and wireless networking techniques allowing for cameras to be placed in previously unreachable areas.  True Computing uses advanced invisible light spectrum to illuminate dark areas so you can actively monitor if someone is sneaking around your property at night.  We can create multiple places to view your cameras including setting up a remote computer, phone, tablet or other device that can view and listen (cameras also record sound) to all the cameras from anywhere in the world.  Using continuous recording or on motion recording, your camera feeds will be saved for months or longer depending on the storage space we design your solution with.  Call us at 979-733-8991 for questions or concerns you may have regarding CCTV security camera systems or any other technology needs.