Industry INET is adding WISP (wireless internet) services for Frelsburg, Texas area

Lois W. KolkhorstFrelsburg, Texas is passed by CAF Phase II money even though 1.5 Billion of our tax dollars were spent among multiple ISP’s to directly build out rural locations that have little to no broad band options.  AT&T received $427,706,650 Million and then decided to cherry pick easy locations that cost least build out negating the whole purpose of the Connecting America Fund (CAF) money.  Frelsburg, Texas was on the preliminary CAF Phase II map.  The preliminary CAF maps indicate there are internet services being offered in Frelsburg that do not exist.  This is part of the reason Frelsburg will not receive CAF money.  Frelsburg needs internet so that our businesses and children can survive.  Our thanks goes out to Lois W. Kolkhorst who took the time to contact personal friends of her's (owners of Industry, Texas INET) so that our area can get some coverage.  
UPDATE:  The first connections of this new WISP service from Industry Inet are going to be installed in the next couple of weeks.  This service should soon be available to Frelsburg area residents and businesses.  6-27-18
Final CAF Phase 2 map excluding the Frelsburg community: 
CAF Phase II final map excluding Frelsburg, Texas
CAF Phase II Final Auction Eligible Area Map