We are Linux friendly

Microsoft has decided to gamble with your time, money and frustration in efforts to increase the value of their operating system. Windows 10 continues to have frequent major updates that leave customers out of operation. While few dispute Windows 10 being the fastest, most technologically advanced OS on the market, is the hindrance worth it?

There are many operating systems that support your computer. You are likely familiar with the most popular operating systems. Desktop/Laptop operating system browsing statistics reveal that Microsoft Windows dominates the personal computer market by an almost 70% margin. MacOS has about 13% of the personal computer market leaving Linux with around 2%.

So what should you choose? If you play games requiring a dedicated video card you will probably want to stay with Windows. Nvidia/AMD drivers typically get the most FPS (frames per second) without suffering from system lag/stutter. If you are required to work with financial software titles such as Quickbooks or Sage (Peachtree) you will want to stay with Windows. MacOS does support Quickbooks and Microsoft Office but they are dated versions that are years behind what the Windows versions offer.

If you aren’t tied to a specific piece of software, Linux is a fabulous operating system. Even MacOS is based on BSD UNIX (Linux is based off UNIX also).  A well configured flavor of Linux is much more user friendly than MacOS.  Linux updates are a breeze and all of the open source (free) software you are already used to using comes pre-installed and ready to use.  Firefox, Thunderbird, Libre Office, Chromium and Filezilla, just to name a few titles from Linux’s large software repository.  Linux, like MacOS, does not usually get infected by your typical Windows virus/spyware. Linux can be configured to work right beside your Windows machines and can even offer similar features to Microsoft’s Active Directory using Samba.  Most people don't realize that Linux is the most popular operating system on the internet.  Linux powers all Android devices and powers most websites on the internet.  When it comes to security Linux is number one.