True Computing is an accomplished IT company with extensive experience in implementing strategic IT initiatives.  We deliver advanced solutions for time critical problems involving desktop, server and network emergencies.  Our ability to work with all client levels sets us apart from the others.  We have supported large corporate networks with thousands of desktops and servers across the Southwest.  We have also supported more moderate networks, along with single-user workstations.  Our experience and solid track record have provided us with a diverse set of skills. 

Why Choose Us? 

Philosophy- True Computing has a commitment to excellence.  We follow industry standards and best practices which keeps your systems as secure as possible.  Our depth of knowledge of information technology allows us to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.  We stand by our work and our customers.  Our services range from simple desktop support to complex server and network support.  Our experience ranges from major medical facilities and surgical centers to large corporate networks and even government facilities.    

Competitive- We are in business just like you.  Competition is good.  In order to be successful, we must provide exceptional service, in a timely manner, at fair prices.  Our pricing structure is highly competitive, and in some cases well below others.  The value you ultimately receive is a direct result of bullet points you see in this section.    

Experience- We have supported clients who cannot afford down time, including medical and surgical facility applications, governmental taxing authorities, retail, and others.    

Technology- Change is a given in both IT and web technology.  To sustain success and growth in business, today's leaders utilize current technology.  It is our job to understand, recommend, and implement today's best technologies when appropriate.  We educate you on what is available to provide competitive advantage.  We are constantly educating our team through a combination of certifications, seminars, conferences, online research, and the testing of new applications before they are released to the public.  We operate a complete test environment in our offices for this purpose.    

Response Time- We take IT systems seriously.  Time is money ..... yours.  Remote access is one of many tools we employ to provide a quick response and minimize down time.  We also offer response time guarantees on a contractual basis.  Contact us for more information.    

Availability- Many of you operate businesses or websites and shopping carts that don't shut down at 5pm each day.  Nor do we.  Ask us about our 24x7 programs.    

Web sites and shopping carts- In today's marketplace, both back office IT infrastructure and your face (website, shopping cart) to the client world determine your success or failure.  You need a business partner who understands both.  We understand e-commerce and offer some outstanding packages for both start-ups and upgrades to existing clients.



Keep your data on premises

Convenience at the expense of security?  Who has your data?  Where is it physically?  Who has access to it and how do you know it is secure from prying eyes?  Does data you store with companies get sold or traded without your permission?  Are you sure information will not be gleaned from your online backups?  Remember this everytime you drop something into dropbox, or backup something online.  These are issues that businesses should consider before using these convienent, but insecure services instead of more traditional on-site solutions.  Cloud computing is only as safe as the company providing it.

Business Servers

Server Maintenance and Roles  
True Computing installs, configures and maintains server roles including but not limited to AD DS, DNS, DHCP, IIS, FTP, Apache, DFS, Network Policy and Access Services (RAS and VPN), terminal services, file services, and Hyper-V.  We can update, patch, and monitor server operating systems to ensure best system performance and health.

Need more space?  We can provide storage solutions to meet your needs.  We support the implementation of storage including racked storage, tape drive storage, network attached storage, and RAID in respect to performance and redundancy.

True Computing can setup and configure backups to meet your needs.  We will utilize industry standard software such as Veritas Backup Exec to give you a turn key backup solution.  Do not wait until you lose data to be prepared.

We are Linux friendly

Microsoft has decided to gamble with your time, money and frustration in efforts to increase the value of their operating system.  Windows 11 continues to have frequently forced major updates that leave customers out of operation. 

As Windows 11 phases out Windows 10, users are finding themselves forced into Microsoft accounts upon setting up their computer.  Forced security risks that Window’s dubs as “features” seem to be the new normal.  Whether it’s storing your data on their computers (aka the cloud), collecting your telemetry (computer usage info), forcing changes to their operating system (it’s theirs and you likely use it as a free service) without your permission, running advertisements on your screen as you log in or encouraging which news services you and your children are exposed to. These, and many more reasons might make you consider using a less invasive operating system.  

There are many operating systems that support your computer.   While Windows 11 is one of the most presumptuous operating systems, other options do exist.  Give us a call for any Linux or Mac OS X questions or concerns.

So what should you choose?