Business Services      

business drawing True Computing can provide the IT support and service needed to make your business more productive. Having the right technology allows companies to cut costs and meet goals. We will be able to provide suggestions for improvements on your current technology and help implement any needed new solutions.

It can be very difficult to meet deadlines if your computers aren’t running well. We can evaluate your systems and let you know why they are slow, if it makes sense to upgrade them, or if it is more cost effective to replace them.

True Computing can install, configure and maintain all of your hardware needs.  We work on servers, desktops, laptops, routers, firewalls, switches, tape drives, NAS’s, UPS’s, printers, memory, network cards and other peripherals.

Printers and Copiers      
We can help with printer recommendations, installations, configurations and maintenance.  We can help with copier setups and configurations including printing to copiers, scanning from a copier into a computer, faxing from a computer to a copier.

Office relocation and setup services      
User documentation creation on system and network operations and policies


Server Maintenance and Roles      
True Computing installs, configures and maintains server roles including but not limited to AD DS, DNS, DHCP, IIS, FTP, Apache, DFS, Network Policy and Access Services (RAS and VPN), terminal services, file services, and Hyper-V.  We can update, patch, and monitor server operating systems to ensure best system performance and health.

Need more space?  We can provide storage solutions to meet your needs.  We support the implementation of storage including racked storage, tape drive storage, network attached storage, and RAID in respect to performance and redundancy.

True Computing can setup and configure backups to meet your needs.  We will utilize industry standard software such as Symantec Backup Exec to give you a turn key backup solution.  Do not wait until you lose data to be prepared.


Let True Computing support your network infrastructure.  We specialize in technologies involving routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, wired and wireless bridges.  We can help you setup, maintain, and expand your network.  Running out of IP addresses?  No problem, let us help.

Remote Technology      
Got VPN?  Would you like to access your network on the road or from home? We have extensive experience with remote access and administration tools allowing businesses access to their data and applications from anywhere using a wide variety of tools applicable to their needs.  When allowing remote access, proper security is extremely important. We can make sure that your system is well protected while you are remotely accessing it.

Domain Services

Active Directory      
True Computing can install a new Active Directory domain, configure it to your specification and provide continued support.  Need to upgrade a current domain controller?  Performing domain controller upgrades requiring FSMO role transfers and domain functional level raising is our specialty.  We are also capable of configuring your Group Policy settings and site replication if you have multiple offices.

Own a domain name and need email hosting for it?  Email hosting for a domain name provides your company with email addresses in the format of which looks more professional and is free advertising.  True Computing can provide you with solutions for external, or internal email hosting.

True Computing supports the installation, configuration, replication, maintenance, and backup of MS SQL,  SQL Express and MySQL databases. Do not let your critical data get lost. We can provide you with backup solutions.


True Computing specializes in dynamic website design.  We can provide you a custom site that utilizes a back end admin system.  Using this back end system, you will be able to update content on your own.  Adding or removing content is as easy as using a word processor.

Advanced Site Features      
There are many advanced features that we can add to a site.  Some of the features are shopping carts, forums, filtering, search, sorting, tabs, location distance, and email systems.  Advanced features will give users a better experience and make your business appear more professional.

Powerful dynamic sites require more processing power and memory than a traditional static site.  We can help you find a host that will guarantee great uptime and performance.


True Computing can provide your business with small business or enterprise level virus protection. Extensive experience implementing Trend Micro and Symantec Endpoint virus solutions.

If you have an infected computer, there is a good chance other computers in your network are infected.  The longer a virus remains on a machine, the more chance it will do serious damage.  Let us help you remove virus infections while your data is still safe.


Server Virtualization      
Virtualization technology keeps costs down by allowing you to utilize all of your servers potential.  It is cheaper to purchase fewer servers that have more power than to purchase many servers.  Virtualization can also provide increased redundancy since virtual operating systems can be transferred from one physical host to another.  There are many types of virtualization that you can use to run guest OS's on your current servers.  True computing specializes in virtualization with VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix.